On-Campus Resources

The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators

There are many resources available to members of the campus community which provide information and offer other forms of assistance for those who may be experiencing sexual harassment or any other form of sex-based discrimination. 

Individuals may contact the Title IX Coordinator or any Deputy Title IX Coordinator with questions concerning the reporting or grievance process. The Coordinators can also advise individuals concerning the availability of supportive measures and facilitate referrals to appropriate offices and/or providers.  Feel free to utilize the Title IX Resource Guide.

Reporting to the Police

Conduct prohibited under the university’s Title IX policy may also constitute criminal activity. Individuals are encouraged to report crimes to law enforcement regardless of their decision to file a formal Title IX complaint to preserve evidence and ensure their personal safety.

University Police Department
155 S. Razorback Road
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Fayetteville Police Department
1800 N. Stephen Carr Memorial Blvd.
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72704

On-Campus Resources

Individuals who do not wish to file a formal Title IX complaint or file a report with the police may seek other on-campus resources which are often available at low or no cost. Available services include medical care, counseling, advocacy, and case management. Additionally, the Employee Assistance Program is available at no cost to university employees seeking confidential counseling services.

Off-Campus Resources

Northwest Arkansas is home to many agencies who provide medical care, including sexual assault nurse exams, shelter for those impacted by domestic violence, and legal assistance. Additionally, many private providers are available for those seeking confidential counseling/therapy services.