Employee’s Duty to Report

To enable the University to respond effectively and proactively stop instances of sexual harassment, employees must, within 24 hours of receiving information regarding a potential violation of this policy, report information to the Title IX Coordinator. Any employee who fails to promptly report a matter to the Title IX Coordinator may be subjected to disciplinary action for failing to do so. There are two categories of employees who are exempt from this requirement:

  1. Licensed health-care professionals and other employees who are statutorily prohibited from reporting such information, and
  2. Persons designated by the campus as victim advocates

Other reasons to report:

  • Reporting the incident to the Title IX Coordinator ensures the victim has access to all available resources, including supportive measures.
  • You may be helping to identify those in the campus community who are displaying prohibited patterns of conduct.
  • Reporting allows campus officials to identify trends and systemic problems.
  • Reporting keeps the University campus community safe.

What to do if someone reports they have been sexually harassed or assaulted:

  • Always consider the person’s health and safety above all else. Individuals requiring medical care should be escorted to the nearest emergency room. If you believe the person is in immediate danger or may post a threat to themselves or others, contact the UAPD at or dial 911.
  • If you have been told that someone has been harmed by or has experienced sexual harassment:
  • Be attentive, supportive and listen carefully
  • Explain the limits of confidentiality and your reporting responsibilities. Be direct about your obligation to submit a report to the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Express interest, care, and concern. Keep in mind that although what is being shared may not seem like a crisis to you, it may feel like it to that person.
  • Avoid asking questions such as “why haven’t you reported this before now?” or “why didn’t you call the police?”
  • Inform the individual that resources and supportive measures are available from the Title IX Office, regardless of their decision to file a formal complaint.
  • Report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator or submit a report at https://report.uark.edu/.

If you have questions regarding your obligation to report under the Title IX Policy, consult with the Title IX Coordinator at (479) 575-7111 or email titleix@uark.edu.