Title IX is a federal law that prohibits any form of discrimination based on a person's gender.

This specifically means that Title IX prohibits incidents such as: sexual assault or misconduct, sexual harassment, domestic violence or dating violence, stalking, or discrimination based on pregnancy, among others.

Title IX requires that a university, once placed on notice, must review and respond to the incidents. Read more about examples of Title IX concerns. For the complete text of the sexual harassment and sexual assault policy, please refer to the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy. For the complete text of the University of Arkansas Board Policy, please refer to the Title IX Compliance Policy

The Title IX Coordinator oversees the university's compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The Title IX Coordinator works with university administration, departments, students, faculty, staff, campus police and other support services to ensure that university policies and programs foster a campus community free of illegal gender discrimination and sexual violence.

For incidents of abuse or neglect of minors, Arkansas law requires reporting of abuse or neglect to the Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-482-5964) established by the Department of Human Services. University employees and volunteers must also report such instances to the University of Arkansas Police Department at 479-575-2222.

To report an act of gender discrimination or sexual harassment (including sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual misconduct, domestic/dating violence and stalking).

Report a Violation
Title IX Annual Report 2017-2018