Title IX Staff

Title IX Office 
1 University of Arkansas
Administration Building 427
Office: (479) 575-7111 (voice)

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Danielle L. Wiliams, Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, Equal Opportunity, Compliance and Title IX

Laura Jacobs, Acting Title IX Coordinator

Wayne Bell, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Case Investigations

C.J. Moseby, Title IX & Equal Opportunity Investigator

Katy Harris, Equal Opportunity & Title IX Case Investigator

Brande Flack, Title IX Case Investigator

Heather Cato, Title IX & Equal Opportunity Investigator

Aisha Kenner, Title IX & Equal Opportunity Investigator 



The University of Arkansas Fayetteville Title IX Office is part of the Department of Equal Opportunity, Compliance and Title IX.


Volunteer Deputy Coordinators

Laura James, Derita Ratcliff-Dawkins and Katherine Davenport

Derita Renee-Ratcliffe Dawkins
Derita Renee-Ratcliffe Dawkins
(ADOF)-Athletic Director Office
Deputy Director of Athletics
Katherine Devenport
Katherine Devenport
(ADOF)-Athletic Director Office
Chief of Staff-Athletics
Laura Anglea James
Laura Anglea James
(DSTU)-Center for Educational Access
Director, Center for Educational Access
ARKU 209